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back to normality.

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ahh, its monday. i am not at work, just finish a class. anyways, i was on medical leave on thursday and friday. yes, i was so sick i decided to go to the doctor and apperently, i had a very bad case of throat infection. the doctor said why i came to the doctor so late? like, i have a choice. hahaha, anyways, my throat is recovering well, i am just coughing and my nose is still block (blocked nose is apprently good for pop singing?)

anyways, i had a busy busy weekend. its the la serva padrona production weekend. i was their official graphic designer and back stage bitch, as usual. i did the advertising materials, the programme notes and the subtitles. everything is done on italian mind you… ohh la la.. ma ma mia!

so i had a blast. there were nice bubbles after the opening on saturday, so i was happy. a little bit too happy.

i will be going to Solo, Indonesia with my gamelan group, Singa Nglaras. we are having a study educational tour. so i am going to have another blast of fun. i might not update for 10 days but who knows, if i can find an internet cafe somewhere, i might show you my pictures.

so exciting lah!


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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