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the evening of the southeast asian music and dance

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first of all, i am feeling like crap right now. i feel so sick. sick again, i know.

anyways, the concert. was a huge success. it was full house, as usual. actually, its overflowing house. there were not enough seats. people have to sort to standing while watching or sitting on the steps and watch. it was a huge huge success. and also tremendously stressing for me. this time round, i play mostly on the “bonang”, the metal pots. the instruments is kind of like the main melody leader of the whole ensemble, and if i screwed up (in this case, a few times), it really obvious that i screwed up. oh well, actually, there were no major screwed up, just a few minor ones. my favourite peice is still “sekar taji”,. its a dance piece where the resident javanese dancer dance a masked dance “wayang topeng”. the dance is about a princess named sekar taji and she is lost, while finding her prince. the whole song is very haunting. and the dance… mysterious. i like it soooo much. oh, ibu kamsiah made her presence this time again by singing with us. she is kind of the guest resident pensidhen. her voice.. power, despite her old age.

anyways, this time round, i didnt played much thai music because there were 3 guest musicians from thailand. and if i were to play a song beside them, its so embarressing because i play like crap. and i knew so little. this year round, i have little time for music because of work committments, i still havent learnt much. i am so dissapointed at myself.

so, photo time.

thanks aki for taking the photos! kudos!

ok, and below is a snippet of a thai classical song from Eileen. i am on the extreme left playing on these wooden clappers. the musicians that were playing were the guest musicians from thailand. see what i mean when i said i was embarresed when i play with them.. their standard is like… too high….

playing on 2 Ranat Ek from Eileen Lim on Vimeo.


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