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touch my body.

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no, not really touching my body. maybe a bit. haha… ok, i think everyone in this world know how much i adore(lurve) mimi (mariah carey), and thats her latest single. “touch my body”. yes, its an up beat smooth r n b tempo with slick vocals. its very comforting. its a comforting sexy song. i like it. i can imagine looking at rainbows and sipping champagne and listening to such songs. very chic. oh, guess what she named her latest album?


and quoting from a reliable source,

“Touch My Body”

“How does an artist follow-up one of their biggest selling albums that included two number one singles when most had written the artist off as a causality of being relevant or not? If you’re Mariah Carey, you keep it simple, and that’s one thing MC has done with her debut single from her forthcoming album, E=MC². “Touch My Body” (co-written and produced with Tricky Stewart and The-Dream) is the perfect lead track to re-ignite her most passionate fan base, who’ve kept her relevant through good times and bad… times are pretty good for Mariah nowadays! This mid-tempo track is pure fun, sounding at times reminiscent of another Carey gem, “Always Be My Baby,” but yet different enough to sound like something totally fresh and new. Mariah’s vocal range is also kept in check and fits the song to perfection. The hypnotic “Touch My Body… My Body” hook is sure to stick after one-listen. While the thought of Mariah Carey exceeding expectations remains a question, simply because the bar she’s set is so high, matching them is a good way to start. This “body” of work sounds like a hit!”

anyways, here is the link if you want to listen. its cute i tell you. listen listen!


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