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chinese new year and visiting

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the chinese new year came and went like a breeze. can barely feel it, and it went off too fast. anyways, i had such fun. went to the usual gang for visiting. and i ate like a lot. really alot. now i have to shed the weight off. so complicated lah.

anyways, i bought myself a flaming hot tamale red shirt from topshop. feeling festive. and oh, i learn how to play mah-jong. its tough. all chinese charater (must memorise), then got certain sequence and movement and i need to be very sharp and see each other player’s move. anyways, i did learn something during the chinese new year. hehehe..

and, the post below, is the invite for this year southeast asian night. i am performing. yes, and i better see some of you there. i know its clashing with the chingay and stuffs but u can always catch the chingay on teevee, but this concert, is once a year ok. must come.

ok, photo whoring time.


this chio-bu, very expert in mah-jong. very the good!

okies, so, pleaese come for my concert ok….


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