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of sex tape and lies.

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i am so pissed. apperently words have been going around that i have a sex tape going around on the internet. and it shows my face doing indecent act.

ok, to get the record straight, i do not have a sex tape. or i dont remember makinga sex tape. and i obviously am not stupid enough to show my face to the whole fucking world (mind the language) when i am doing any gross indecent act. and that people are talking about me behind my back about such things? with this so called friends, talking bad behind you instead of helping. i dunno. it seems now really, i cannot trust anyone anymore.

but really, a sex tape? u think i wat paris hilton ah? like i have no other better things to do then to make amy own sex tape?

i so wanted to list names here… of those who really make such malicious evil rumour about me. even if think you saw me or someone that looks like me doing such craop things, isnt it justified, as a friend that you ask about me. confront me first, rather then spreading more about the discovery to your other friends. hah? how could you? is it your mission to destroy everyone’s else life so that you can be the best or something? how can you not confront me?

anyways, i am very confident that i do not have a sex tape or anything of such nature.

but, if you think you can prove me wrong, that you have fucking concrete proof, then, i dare you to email me the proof. musxtakim@yahoo.com


update no.1 – still nothing. i think i will just shake this thing off. really. if people are comparing me to paris hilton, then what can i say? really.


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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