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migraine and osteo

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i had my first osteopathic treatment today. it was good. and fun. and i guess its about time i do something about my migraine. actually, its about time i do something to get rid of my migraine. this pain, is so… annoying. if i am having migraine, i am done for the day. its so painful, to think that if i were to crush my head to the wall, is less painful then the migraine itself.

anyways, i were to OPRC. Oeteopathic Pain Relief Center. my tai tai bff recommanded me this place. i somehow knew the osteopath there. we met in a birthday party before. anyways, his clinic is situated in nankin row in chinatown. a nice cosy shophouse. i went after my work.. it was a short bus ride to chinatown.

anyways, jo, the osteopath, thinks that my body needs to be recondition because of my long suffering of migraine, that my body is too used to the pain and it doesnt know how to heal itself. he said, i am thinking of too much negativity, i mean, with my current situation now, personally and professionally, whats new. he thinks i am greatly under stress. *cue happy thoughts*..
so, today, he managed to calm me down abit, release the preassure from my neck and skull, and he gave me homework. *cue again, happy thoughts* so, anyways, i have to see him again in about 3 days, so my next appointment will be next tuesday. before my thai music.

so, if you need osteopathic theraphy, i recommand you OPRC. they are good. moderately priced but its worth the money. no pain, all gain!


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