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noy-noy-ing for the president

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i had a fun time yesterday. i was performing thai classical music for the president. yes, the president. The President of Singapore. Mr Nathan. the number 1 man in singapore. and i even managed to shake his hand. i know, no big deal but still,its not like everyday that the president decides to come to NUS for fun and watch us play for fun. it was fun. the only sad thing is that his people and his entourage refuses us to take any photos with him. there were even no group photo of our group and him. so sad. sometimes, a little bit paparazzi shot is ok you know. i didnt know why they must be so strict with his photos. i mean, we are a decent group you know.

anyways, after the short performance, we had a huge high tea buffet. it was good. chocolate eclairs with fresh cream filling… yummy.. i know, i know, “once on the lips, forever on the hips” but the eclair was heaven. very goodlah.

anyways, since there is not official photos of us with the president, i just show u the pre-performance photos lah. we all were in traditional, well, kind of traditional costume. white and purple, purple being the colour of the princesss. i mean, she was the one who donate the instrument. Kudos to the royalties who support music!!!!!!

me wearing the traditional thai costume. free-balling baby!

only cloth and belt and knots and nothing else.
in between my legs.
the whole ensemble.

me and xinwei

group photo
the men
miss thailand wanna-be

me and wayne

BFF’s in thai music


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