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i performed for MM LKY!

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group photo

MM Lee, walking in with like his entourage.

MM Lee, stopping to see us play plink plonk music.

me and my gamelan group, singa nglaras, just finshed performing for our MM, LKY, in Shangri-La Island Ballroom. it was a fun concert. actually, we are more like lounge music, while all these rich and famous drink their cocktails and we play a huge gendhings and ladrangs. oh, and LKY stop for 20 seconds to see us play and ask the people around him which group is playing. can u believe that no one know who we are until the NUS Chancelor came and told him its the NUS Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. Oh, half way in the 20 seconds, i look up while i am playing and smile at him and he smile back. that was very friendly of him.

anyways, i had to accompany the instrument back to NUS with the movers. now i know how my prof feels when everyone goes out and celebrate and enjoy the feeling of euphoria of aftger performing a successful concert, you go alone to sent the instrument back to its storage place and then go home and eat macdonalds. hmmn……


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