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get well soon, my deutsch Führer

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ok, now i tell u everything. why i went to germany instead of thailand. so to those who is angry or pissed at me for not telling the truth, i am very sorry. please understand.

24 hours before my actual trip to thailand via SQ, i got a call from germany that my deutsch father is in critical condition. apperently, he was bathing at home, in the cold cold winter season, and he suddenly cannot feel his leg and he fell to the shower floor. my deutsch mom found him after 2 hours in the shower on the floor crying. it seems that he really has lost his sense of balance and he cannot move his leg at all. so the mom picked him up, (a 70kg old sweet lady carrying a 130kg husband) from the bath room to the bedroom on the 2nd floor, dressed him up, bring him down to the garage on the 1st floor and drivers him to the doctor. (dont ask me how she did that, i am still puzzled how she did it). and at the doctor, the doctor immediately ask for an emergency and he was sent to the hospital for further check up.

the Führer, in the hospital

ok, short history. my deutsch Führer has been battling cancer since 10 years ago. he had bladder cancer. for most men, its the end of their life. but for him, i guess, he was just lucky. he survived it. be battled it for 4 years and after that, he was declared cancer free for 6 years…

the father and the mother.

so, back to the story, the doctor did many many test and scan, and then the news came. he had cancerous growth at his spine. and he needs to be operated immediatly or he will not be able to walk anymore. now, knowing people from this generation, the man are very macho. they would rather kill themselves then be crippled for live. so the operation wnet ahead as planned and it was very successful. he was lucky again. 24 hours after the operation, he can move his leg again. can you believe that? from not be able to feel his leg to moving his leg within 24/36 hours. its a christmas miracle.

and we decided to fly back on the day of his operation. that was just after my magnificat concert in esplanade. because, cancer dont play play. i mean, when i was having my german job attachment during my poly days, i was staying at his place, and he really take good care of me. he was the sweet oen who bought chocolates for me and the chocolate cupboard always stays full. he was a funny man and i admire him for his love of weissbier and pork knuckles.

anyways, when i was there for 10 days, he was recovering so well. he was on a fast fast speedyh recovery. he was smiling and joking again in no time. he can also bring himself to the toilet. all this within 48/60 hours after the operation. it was a nice feeling to see this man, so lucky, so brave and so fast recovering. it made the traveling less painful (mind you, a 13 hour flight in SQ to frankfurt, and then a 5 hour train ride to reach the hometown, and then meeting this cold cold dark grey depressing winter season. it was for me 35 degrees to -10 degress in 13 hours.)

so, when i return back to singapore, i was sure i will see him again this june when i have to be europe for the gamelan thingy in prague and germany and possibly switzerland.

anyways, now, deutschland just called again. apperently, the Führer just had his final result from the test and he could speak anymore. he was crying on the phone and he just couldnt speak anymore. it was either the news was too shocking for him or that he fell into depression again or that anything worst happen again. right now, i still do not know whats the latest news. only that the doctor need to do another CT Scan on him and he was given medicnie to calm down and rest. it sounds very uncertain and scary at the same time. i just hope for the best. lets all hope for the best. i am a bit sad even.

so, meiner deutsch Führer, get well soon!!!

and that is the reason why i was in germany, and not in thailand.


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