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birthdays and festival

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had a good weekend. a bit hangover, not enough sleep, fatigue but it was good. damn too good. i had a brithday party invite to one of the peopel from the german community and boy, did the birthday girl had a birthday bash. to think of it, its more like a festival celebrating her brithday then just an ordinary birthday party. it was hell. i mean, they live on nassim hill, one of these huge black and white house, actually, like 2 black and white house. and a huge garden and pool and there were like more then 100 people attending this party, no wait, festival. and yes, there were tents set up outside in her garden, with a deejay, and smoke machine, and tables and decor, its really like a malay wedding, just more glam lah. and free flow of anything, wonderful food, yummy tiramisu and dancing. there were dancing.
ok, before i go on, i actually didnt want to go to the party because, well, i dont really know this person but then, what else can i lose other then good food (maybe). so i went there, on a friday night, as relax as i am, in my best skinny jeans and yellow t-shirt. and slippers. yes slippers. and guess what i saw when i reach there, people were wearing their gucci couture, and the men were decked in their best shirts, i mean, i was invited but i have no idea really whats suppose to happen, well, renate (another friend..) she just forgot to told me its a big event affair. where dressing up was compulsory. but know what, make do babe! i make do! well, actually, to think of it, the hostess didnt mind at all how i dressed. “i am glad you can make it, and thats all that matters” and boy, she really sent the messaged across. i made new friends, more networking with like one of the few rich people in singapore maybe, and crazy people and expats in singers. i mean, what can i say if the ladies come in gucci and channel couture, with jimmy choos and the men in their prada loafers? and me in my ever so classical topshop t-shirt and zara jeans? oh the theme this year was colourful. last year was black and white! thank god i was being colourful that night.
anyways, fashion aside, i really had a blast. it was surreal to be there. makes me think, what did i do wrong not to get this? oh well…..
The Tent
My Card on the table (she arranged our seating!)
Oh, did i told you, she drew every card on the table, something personlised, she said, and she also set up the setting on the tent and all. she is just freaking creative and rich. sigh.

Jeannette and Bernie (birthday girl and her husband)

The Food (All cooked by Jeannette)

Partying the night away

Me and Renate

Dessert, Tiramisu (the real stuffs!)

Still dancing! (to the 80’s! my fave era!)

Told ya, the tent is huge and festive!

I feel like a fucking socialite (mind the language, too much Six Feet Under)


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