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banging chitty with a christmas tree

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i woke up feeling so sick today that i decided to stay at home and went to the doctor. its the migraine season and i really hate it. the pain is sometimes very unbearable, i could shoot myself. thank god for muscle relaxant and caffine.

anyways, yesterday night, i was in esplanade to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. yes, i know, i skip one of Magnificat rehearsal for re-live my kinda childhood moment. and its really great i tell you. the car really flies! hehehehe… it was a surprisingly fun night. i though i t going to be sucky, i dunno, i just had that feeling but i was so wrong. i sang along to some of the song.. Ms Truly Scrumptious.. hehehe, and the Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang… oh well… its really fun fun fun. i was in circle 2 and it was pretty empty so we changed our seat around to get the best seats (we bought the restricted view seats). hehehehe.. yes, and i did woke up singing to chitty chitty bang bang!

anyways, its decemeber already, and christmas is soon. since i have a small budget this year, i had a small christmas tree. its cute, and festive and is still glamorous ok. size doesnt matter in this case.. hehehe, anyways, off to eat my medicine and rest a bit. gamelan tonight!

my cute christmas tree.

my handsome cat to keep me company today when i am on mc.


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