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museum friends and iPhone

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as always, my drama is always being short lived. my monday monring was hell and furious but it got better in the afternoon and in the evening, i was smiling again (also with the help of wonderful grape juice and good food and wonderful people). too much drama can be good cause its exciting, but its sure damn tiring.

anyways, yesterday, i was teachcing kompang and talempong, with Dr. Thomas at the National Museum. the Friends of the Museum had their annual meeting and get together and we were invited to have a performance and small workshop for the museum volunteers. yes volunteers. they volunteer their precious time to give guides to the museum in singapore. actually, one of them told me, in order to be a museum volnteer guide, they have to go thru a course for over 6 months. 6 months of training (and they have to pay for the training themselves). only then, they can be a guide. generally, the people there are lovely. all expats housewifes doing their part in educating singaporean and tourist in our museum. oh know what whats funny, these volunteerss, or those volunteers who drives, when they have to park in the museum ground, they are told and forced to pay $8 for the parking like evreyone else. can you imagine? they volnteer their time, doing the giding for free and still they have to forked up parking fess in the museum ground at $8 bucks. over priced, over ridiculous!

anyways, i had a fun time really. they people are enthusiastic, and funny and bitchy all at the same time. food was good there. guacamole and chips, BBQ chicken breast, sushi, muffins, spring rolls, cheeses.. oh and the list goes on.. i wonder who is their caterer. very good. and good looking too. hehehehe. one waiter was hitting on me but he was too shy. so cute…. people shouldn’t be too shy. they missed out on things.

so anyways, i am at work now. doing a bit here and there. oh, did i tell you my collegue bought an iPhone. the cracked one of course. well, i have been lamenting about how cool iPhone is and all, and i guess, he get the point and he bought one for himself. and the best part, he let me try it. yes, i know i have been wanting an iPhone because it look slick and chic but i seriously have not try it myself. so today, he brought the phone to work and let me have the pleasure of trying it out the whole day. i was excited. its an iPhone for goodness sake (told ya i am a big nerd!!!)

ok, so, what i think about the iPhone is that… its oklah. average only. haiyah, i dunno whats the rave is all about. ok, the functions is cool. you can watch youtube from it. stocks, surf the net, iTune and all. the organizer is chic too. its Mac, what can i say. but, the phone function is.. i dunno, kinda … lame? the phone had only 1 small pathetic speaker, and if someone calls you, and if the phone is the your pocket, then you are going to have a lot of missed calls. the ringer is so damn soft its bad. and the touch screen function. well, the screen is huge. fun to watch all the download Ugly Betty’s episodes and all but to be using the touch screen itselfs, its a bit scary for me. its nice but the screen, is not so sensitive and i am scared of scratching it. really. its too damn nice to be using it.

anyways, i am not sure now if i want the phone really now. i mean, its chic and all that, i know i like chic stuffs, but the phone has to function well as well. thought, if apple decided to give for free, i would be gladly to take it and tested it.

update: i didnt realise that my mobile no. was showing on the picture above. oh well, i only accept good news. hahaha…


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