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i had an uneventful week. its the school holidays. i do have work to do but its all brainless jobs. but anyways, this weekend is geared up to be a busy i think. today, (Friday) i have Klenengan.

Well, my Gamelan group, Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble has their monthly all-night jamming session, which i will truely enjoy. its our third already. then tomorrow i am invited to a student party, with a christmassy theme, which will also be fun. and sunday, is choir day. i think might not even feel like its a weekend.

anyways, one of my BFF’s (best friend forever), Micheal..hahaha.. he just came back frm taiwan. for holiday. and he bought me a damn chio “accessories” -as he called it. i named it jewelery. hahaha.. its a bracelet with leather and metal and its damn chio can. fit me lerr. he told me he almost don’t want give me this gift ebcause eh himself find it too chio to be given away. hahaha… but anyways, thank you micheal. i heart heart you very much.

chio right? told ya. anyways, mike complained to me that the travel agent tricked them in their itinery when they were in taiwan. it was suppose to be a city and shoppgin trip but in the end, the travel guide brought them to gardens and flower nursery. and to factories and tourist shops selling pearls?, executive clothes?, and branded goods?. with minimal shopping hours and minimal city tour. wah lau. cheat people’s money. oh, apperently, the tour cost about S$1,300 +++ per person, but fly with Jet Star Airways,. and they stay in shitty 3 star hotels (but in itenery was promised at least a 5 star hotels, and i have seen the photos!!) and really whole day is flower power stuffs. Poor Mike….

JUN-AIR Travel Pte Ltd
101, Upper Cross Street, #01-21, People’s Park Centre,
Singapore 058357

Avoid them at all cost!


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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