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over. worked. over. action.

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i just had a hair cut. its doesnt seems like i cut my hair but i guess, there is shape now. the price to pay to look good. oh wait, i don’t know if i look good.

anyways, i think, it certain way or another, that yesterday night, that i might, in anyway, seemingly was over reacting with my anger and depression and all. i mean, today, when i woke up, i was still feeling pissed. but i had this training for my company where we were re-introduced to new things that the company has developed so that we can all work on and advertist to our school and all. well, the training was fun, definately. and i meet friends and collegues from my company. anyways, it was all fun and my big boss was there. and his speech and presentation was just so nice and so innocent and fun. i mean, i really like working for my company. its all fun and the people running the company is all fun and serious and passionate and creative. i think its the school where i am at that is killing my enthusiasm and creativitiness and the whole fun element of working. i mean, not all the people in my school is as crazy and is a complete and total mess of themself. i do have many good collegues, friends even, that i have made in my school. its just these certain people that bugs me. i know i am being such a whinebag right now but its just i am really really pissed and annoyed by these people.

oh well.

i hope things will picked up slowly for me or i will request to be changed to a new school or last resort, i just find a new job..

Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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