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i have been working as in IT Trainer for a certain primary school (those who knows me, should know where i work) since last april this year. i guess i have been working in the school for more then 6 months now. well, not that i am not appriciative or anything, but i think i started off with not such a goos start, or that is wat my feelings tell me. well, i am posted to the school because apprently, i am taking over a trainer who is quiting only after 9 months. i asked her why she decided to quit suddenly but she refuse to tell me. at that time, the Head of Department of the school, was well, quite a tyrant. he is, demanding, slightly unreasonable, refuses to listen and treats us like we are one of his primary school kids. well, i did poked her why she quit and the most she say is that she found a better job outside. well, so, i guess, good for her. but you know how things are usually. its not what it seems. well, i had 1 month to take over her duties and other things, and, well lets say, i was very uncomfortable with the situation in the school. there is this cold, scary, fear feeling in the school. little did i know, how the school work. well, lets say, its tough to have a leader (principal) who is damn “corporate thinking”, who treats more “face value” of everything else then the content. think of it as an aesthetic hospital.

anyways, well, the HOD left 2 months after i was there cause he got into a better school and well, some teacher who is the subject head took over his duties (actually all of the HOD IT duties, without any extra pay), and well, this teacher, is young. she is a poly grad in mechatronics i think, and she is kinda put into being the subject head for IT. i pity her actually. she has to teach like a dozen of class, and still have extras with the IT department and all.

anyways, what i really want to say is that, i am very very unhappy being in the school rite now. i dunno why but i guess, the school and the people is really good at exhausting their staff. or more like their contract staff. i mean, i am their IT trainer. i am supppose to teach. but since april, i have rarely any class, serious class. i teach but to compare the ratio, its like 10% teach and 90 admin-ad hoc work. the boy, these admin ad hoc works, are just ridiculous and crazy. it seems that i have turned into the school’s “in house graphic designer”, “in house microphone slave”, “in house photographer”, “in house music editor”, “in house powerpoint maker”, “in house pdf maker”, “in house… oh well, youu get the point”. i am being put into so many brainless tedious task and i feel under appreciated. you know, i am not even considered one of my school official staff. cause when the teacher have meeting or gathering, i am always not included, but then the general office staff is. whats worse, when there is any course, there will always be food and refreshment. know what, i am not allowed to eat any of the food because i am not one of the Ministry of Education staff. because the money that is use to pay the food is from the teacher’s welfare money. so i guess, 1 more mouth to feed is really very hard for the school to handle. but then, when there is anything to do, all the crap shit job, i am part of the “production team”. i think i should stop being optimistic.

anyways, the people in the school, has just unrealistic expectations. when they throw at me their work, which they are suuppose to do, all these reports and stuffs, which they all throw at me!!, anyways, they give me funny deadline. like e.g. at 10.30am”please create a report and tag for all the students in primary 1 for their orientation. get the name list from the general office, the hard copy. type them all and put the names nice, design it into a 10cm by 6 cm box and cut it all.” and there are like 200 new primary 1 students. deadline : before you leave today at 5.00pm. so, i guess, is it just me or the demand is crazy? like i have only these task to do. i have to accomadate 100 staffs and 600 students but i guess, i have a million hands to do everything.

or another e.g. on a sunday night at 12.20am” mus, i want you to update the school website by tomorrow lunch can? must include all photos, change entirely the whole cca website, change the photo collage cause some teachers are gone already in the photo. then, update all the class list, and the teacher list, can? by lunch tmwr because we have to be ready for the parents to see when they surf our website” , and this during school holidays. i mean, its the december holiday. which parents are surfing our school website? everyone is on holiday. like????……

i dunno, i asked around and some say that is how the world also in the outside world, but such demands, is it normal at all? exhausting your staff and dont acknowledgement or at least appreciate it? well, that is just a few example.

so, is it justify about my unhappiness in my job? or am i being sensitive?

anyways, i am already looking for a new job. a job that pays well.(i am so underpaid, you will be surprise how much my company pays me, ask me really), a job that there is a career path, somewhere i can grow my talent. i dunno, am i asking a lot?i am so unhappy now. sigh..

p.s. did you know, my school staff’s turn over rate (meaning the number of staff that leaves the school to the new staff that is posted to the school) is quite damn high. like 9:2. 9 teachers left the school or left the industry every year. that is pretty high i tell you, and know you should have a glimpse of the “why”…

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