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another holy matrimonial

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i was at another wedding yesterday night. it was fun. quite fun actually. my table had like 4 people “missing in action” so guess who have to eat more.. hehehehe. anyways, i had lots of fun. i met many friends whom i didnt have the chance to meet. small reunion. fun fun! oh, i think wedding is scary. wedding makes me really queasy….

Congratulations Albert and Annica! May both of you have a long life together…

Did i told you about me singing on my school speech day? yes yes, i am still not over it yet. well, i just got hold of the video that one of the teacher took. well, it was good. ok, its not good. i cringed at myself when i hear myself sing. i find it awful. i hate my voice. i mean all these teachers and students commented, or more like feedback like how wonderful my singing was, how i surprise everyone with my singing and how good it was. i mean, morbidly me, i dunno how much truth is there on the comments. i mean, asking me to join the teachers when they go karaoke so that there can be a few good singers? i mean, i know i can hold a tune but to have a voice, that is tough. i mean, i am happy that i can hold a tune but seriously, my voice? i think its awful. i am still trying to encode it to wmv. i dunno if i should ever show it to anyone. it really horrible. bluergh. well, photos are below, and i am still undecided about the video… life is tough.. haha..

oh, i have an annual report to finish, and i am not even done it yet. i am so screwed! arrghh..

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