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newborn and communities

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Yeah, yes, thats my newly 3 days old cousin. i think his name will be iskandar or something. the parents are not decided yet. so cute right? well, i cannot hold him really. cause he is under special care, a bit of complications after his birth but that will all go away soon. hehehe, so you all get to sneak at his looks first.. he is so going to grow up big strong and handsome!

Anyways, after my hospital visit, i attended a concert, then i had to help teach “kompang” to the German Speaking Catholic Community where they has their annual Community Day. This year is at the German School. It was fun. couldn’t complain. they had wonderful sekt. a happy ending in the end. and its all volunterly. for the sake of music.

oh, did you know, school is over, well, for my school that is. speech day was last friday, and believe it or not, i was singing for my school speech day with a few other teachers. oh wait, did i said that already? anyways photos are still in school. will update it later. now, enjoy the fwe photos. i am so tired lah.. need to sleep…. and i think i have low blood preassure. damn it.

Me and Tiff.. pissed!
Oh, my dearest Tiffany. Miss Tiffany Hacker, from North Carolina, you gorgiss darling. thank you so much for the wonderful sinful, Thanksgiving dinner. i had fun. hehehe…..

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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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