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i had a good deepavali holiday. i went for a holiday. my first holiday after 3 years i think. (well, i cannot consider going to europe as holiday, have to work too you know.) so, yes, i went to bintan. a shot getaway. 45 mins and i am there. where the water is much much more cleaner, clearer, blue-er, less smellier. i stay in Nirwana Beach Club (previously known as Mana Mana Beach Club). the resort have not changed a bit. still the same when i went there for the first time, 3 years ago. well, the name changed but everything else is the same. same wall colour, same path, same table, same bed. well, the only difference is, erm.. the price.. yes they expand a bit, the secondly is that they built gross platform on the nice beach. i mainly picked Nirwana Beach Club because they have like the nicest beach in the whole of bintan. i mean, the water is so clear, the sand is like so fine, its like wholemeal flour feel. and it has a nice stretch, so, i will not bumped into other strangers when i am wading like a child on the waters, or while i am all ot swimming (like a dugong), in the deeper water. anways, so, they built this farnie platform, and its just a eyesore. i ask the paople around, like, why? why of all structure that they can built, they built this ygly platform. well, supposedly, its suppose to be a sun deck where if people dont want to lye in the sand (when they are at the beach??), they can hang out at the platform and dont gte all sandy. but for the whole 72 hours when i was there, no one, really, no one used the paltform. the platform was used to dried up the sampan that the beach club owes. cna u imagine that? like first, its an eyesorek then its like not used. white cancerous elephant i tell you.

ok ok, i will try to stop being a whingebag, actually, i really enjoyed myself greatly there. i was all burnt, all dark and black and all defintely beautiful, like one bloody irian jaya people.. haha.. exotic ok. and i had a great time drinking cocktails and sipping champagne and eating those wonderful fresh pizza that i ordered. and on of the night, i went to this authentic thai restaurant, and boy, everyone have to try their “beef salad” there. wunderbar! wonderful. so good, its.. just too good. its soooo good. oh boy, there isnt any other beef salad that i have tried that taste this good. it was beyond words. it was goood. food for the gods i tell you. anyways, yes, thats all i could remember from the thai restaurant. the beef salad. i had mroe food that the beef salad is the only thing i cna remember. the taste, the texture.. ok ok. i get it. i like the beef salad, but i just to praise it and tell evreyone, how good it was. it indeed was the best.

dreaming and dreaming of the beef salad. yum…..

ok ok, i will update more details later. let me fantasize about the beef salad.


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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