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Of death and whinebag!

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my grandaunt? or kind of aunt, well, its a long distance relative thingy, and she kinda passed on, or decided that she had enough of this world… on saturday night. well, the reason why she died is because of bone cancer. my family is so prone to death bya sickness. anyways, not that i really cared, cause i only have the slightess faintess memories of her during my childhood, and definately she make fun of me, and thats all i remember. anyways, i was at her funeral after sending papi to the airport. (he was on business trip to china). so, it was bright and early in tampines, and me and my mom arrived just on time before they finally wrapped the body and face in cwhite cloth before sending her to ther grave. it was a definate sombre moment for me, but, when i was standing there, watching all these happening, (the crying, the moaning, the fainting, more crying, etc etc), i feel relieved that she passed on and there is this certain peacfulness in her face, when she is lying there, all cold and dead and everyone around her is crying. i dunno, maybe i am just too morbid already by now, but i was smiling all the way, looking at how lucky she was, dead, but yet so peaceful and surreal.

anyways, i followed the family to the cemetery even. its been a long time since i was at the cemetery in lim chu kang. i can actually see my training area during my military days. it was again an eye-opener for me, very hard crashing truth about life but then again, thats life. oh, and, at the funeral, there was so many people who knows me, like really knows me, and i just dont have a clue who they are, or how they know me. i think i might either have erase my childhood memories or that my brain is failing on me. i cannot be senile. i am only 23.

ok, photos time. wait, is it appropriate to take photos and show you photos of funeral? oh well, i i want to show you all anyways.

The final moment.
oh, second issue, i feel that, if YOU, yes you! you know who you are you whingebag. if you think life just so terrible for you, that you are just too fat for this world, or that your sickness or your mental psychotic moment is too much for you to handle, that please, by all means, do something about it. and do something RIGHT! stop complaining, stop being all depressed (for what reason? that youre fat?) i think, that you think that being fat and sick is a way to get things to be done in your way, well, think again. if you are sick, deal with it. get better or at least, try not to fall sick. you know you cannot exercise vigourously, so do something light. and watching your weight? liek do you seriously think 5okg is an ideal weight for you? you really think being thin is all that good and mighty, well, i think not. and it will never be. so much power craze. over what? how ridiculous. and, i think you, have no right to judge me. what do you mean i come in when its convienient? how do you know its convienient for me? what do you know so much about me? nothing. nothing at all. i know the world is round and it does revolve around us, i mean, its a globe, but hey, your life is your life, and mine is mine. if you have fucked yours, accidentally or purposely, its your decision, its your choice. deal with it and don’t bring others around you down too. so selfish. so fake. so plastic. you may think other wise but one look , and its all obvious! sheesh!

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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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