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Black Cats and teasing a Huge Meat

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i was at Madame Sabrina’s for a production meeting and she has this wonderful cute adorable cat name Minneu (they are all italian-french thingy) and he is such a black cat. and cute and huggable. i had a fun time playing with her cat, (dont be jealous mitzy!!) and also i brought home a few bite scars.. cats are such adorable creatures.. they seems to understand you, i dunno… i believe that cats are damn intelligent and is very understanding. i knew my cat is.. he knows when i am feelign sad. he accompanies me.. ok, photo-whoring time…

Minneu and moi

Minne and moi, part 2

so, yesterday, thai music was canceled because our proffessor claimed that he was swamped at work. so we went to botak jones instead. its my second time there. i have no complain about the food. it was nice, juicy, generous and filling. too filling. so much filling that i feel bad after eating. and i am not even eating alot. i ate a cajun chicken burger with a whoop-ass cheese fries. oh and jalapenos with mozerella thingy.. yummmy….. but its just that i keep forgetting that the amount is huge and i am just plain greedy. i mean i did managed to finish the burger and the cheese fries (with help of the professors) but still, it was horrible. i felt sick, to the point of puking. thats not good right? i mean, pay so much for food, ate the food, enjoyed the food, only to puke it later, a bit bullimic-ish though.. (no i am not bullimic, if you see my size!! though, i thought i should be..)

my whoop-ass cheese fries. (cheese fries with chilli con carne)

my cajun chicken burger

anyways, i used my Nokia phone for the photo. it may look small in the picture, but trust me, its a whole mouth full. you really to stretch you jaws and bite properly.. a lot of mouth and oral works! hahaha…

anyways, here is a teaser for everyone. this is the new production i will be in. maybe, i might be the designated graphic designer again. maybe, this is all up to the big boss…

oh oh oh!! i have been watching Ugly Betty Season 2. all i can say is that, its getting better (it was already good last season) and more funnier and well, i am not going to spoil the surprise. all of you either have to find it online somewhere or wait till the lousy Channel 5 decides to show it on telly… hehehe…

“Comfort is the solitude I embrace”

Happy Birth Anniversary Rini and Bobo!
I miss you all!


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