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Of holy matrimonial and music making

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i had a very short weekend. well, it seems short. 72 hours is just too short for a weekend. i didnt sleep during the weekend. i ate a lot but i didnt sleep. i think thats the cause for my erraticness. anyways, i was at a wedding yesterday.raffles town club. classy.. the bride is one hot momma! and the husband, is just kind. such a gentleman. anyways, i had fun. we were paid to play gamelan at the wedding. and we had lots of food along with it. and lots of bubbles. damn good quality bubbles. i had like.. erm, lost count, but never mind, it was good. i was splendidly happy when i went to bed. congratulations Putri and Tetsuo. may you have a long live marriage.

Singangalras performing for the lovely couple.

so anyways, klenengan was great fun, as usual on friday night. i had lots to drink before i went to klenengan with Bev and Abs and Jay (he came shortly after work). i am surprised that i didnt fall asleep playing (tho bev and Abs thought i will not make it through). not many turn up this time but still, we have enough to last us the whole night. there were less food too but coffee was abundant this time round.. thank god.. anways, pictures coming up..

and lastly, my jalan jalan raya with my ex-CIT friends (from NUS, i used to work there briefly). it was fun, pigged out as always. went to like 6 house from all the funny corners of singapore. thank god for cabs and aircon… and ice!

and lastly, a nice photo of me, taken by the cheeky kid in red from the above picture.
got talent lei this kid. not bad…


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