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i had a great weekend. i just finish with operastudio handel’s acis and galatea. it was so much fun after 6 months of work. i was designing for them. their official in-house designer. i was surprised that everything glued up nicely at the end, knowing the fact that everyone was under-rehearsed. it was great fun. it truly is. albiet the cat fight, and dissolving choir.. anyways, i was yet again the stage-bitch and trying to get the whole show running. human management is indeed a talent that you can only learn in the army… thank god for volunteers at the front of house. i cannot be at so many places and the same time. well, i almost did.

anyways, the audience had a ball of a time. feedback was good. many told us that its a refreshing change to the big long huge opera all the time. (HAH, eat that SLO!!!) its not too long, not to taxing, definately cheaper (then esplanade) and it has a nice duration. and its super fun.
to those who came, thank you for supporting operastudio and hope to see you in our next season. and to those who missed it, you all missed such a good show. the singing, the drama, the glamour. next time, come support us ok.

anyways, snippets from what happened.

Galatea on the first night, hugging human acis-turned river.. magic!!

Galatea on the 2nd night. (we had double casting).

The wonderful choir, Ab Oriente.

Me and the wonderful Harpsicord player, Yun Qi.

and, since now, i got my new black shiny toy, i have been having lots of fun. i really miss taking photos. and manipulating photos. editing photos. the picture is great but i just cant seems to get it very clear. the colours were amazing though. maybe my hands still too shaky. long time mah. heh.

have fun..

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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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