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Of Choir Sing-Sing and a New Toy!

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Was at NAFA’s choir concert yesterday. they did half baroque and renaissance music and very contemporary in the 2nd half, and spirituals.. all feeling “black”.. hahaha, it was surprising nice and enjoyable. and its only 37 mins long. the shortest concert ever i attend. lucky free. hahaha, yes, i can be quite a cheapo sometimes.

My Nokia camera dissapoint me when i use the zoom… haiyah..

Anways, i am re-inspired again to sing after this. (btw, i am performing John Rutter’s Magnificat in Esplanade Concert Hall this December with Amadeus and Singapore Lyric Opera). So i guess, better start learning and take care of my voice.. Hah.. *ehem … clears throat*..

Oh Oh, i have a new toy. A Panasonic Lumix FX 30.. very good deal. it was a display set so i got it very cheaplah.. so so cheap…plus extra batteries and 2x 2GB SD card. and its in a black velvety colour.. sleeeeeek…heheh.. who wouldnt fall for it. next, a Nikon 40DX…

Yeah, which means, i can resume my photo nonsense again, since the old camera was “lost” by someone… photo trip anyone?


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