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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, The After Math

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Hari Raya was great fun as usual. i feast like there is no tomorrow. i mean, i couldn’t help it if the food is just too yummy and not to be eaten? waste food like that. so, i guess, all my hard of dieting for a month, is just a complete and total waste. all gained back in a few hours of food binging. but i guess, i like it, and i am happy.

but then, being human, me, is never happy and satisfied with one thing. i mean, all these festive season, is fun, without a doubt. but then, its just so expensive. so much cash were spent for a day of festive fun. all the green packets, wah lau.. i need some of those. give out, nothing come in. bankrupt!!! and besides that, it seems that only in this time that i will managed to see the really extended family members (some whom i refuse to see). i feel so bloody akward when i meet these people and then say say what? “oh, you have grown (duh).” or these makciks will say “oh, you have grown so big, so adult. soon must get married” or “wah, working already, sure rich. so this year can get green packet from you too?” shameless creatures. i hate all these fake smiling and fake greetings and fake everything. you all knew how bad my acting is.

anyways, i think someone from my family (the annoying paternal side) have been giving info or gossiping about me lately. cause the reaction from my grandma when i shook her hands was like.. unsincere (ok, mine too) and likewise for the other aunties and uncles. they are usually poilite to me. very polite but then yesterday, got a lump of attitude. i mean, i know i shouldnt care but then, u know, i can feel it.. not happy say lah, no need to show attitude man. cause i got one of my own. NBS!!!
anyways, i also hate my grandma and my paternal side. they are constantly lookind down on me and my brother and sister and my whole maternal side. these Boyanese people. EVIL! i mean, what can we do if we have better genes then you do. or that we are in a way, more succesful then you are. no need to insult right? ok, it seems that these post is becoming more like a ranting. must stop stop. but i really hate my paternal grandma. she is evil and has a bad mouth. i think old senior citizen like her should know how to behave, be more wise and more patient, but she proved me wrong. B!

ok, cam whoring time.

Before family photo

Me and my pretty sister

My Granda, the Good one. she cooks like.. WOW. you haven’t taste real food until you taste her cooking. Ex-chef lei…

Me and and wonderful ladies

Me and my mom

Me and more young wonderful ladies.

Young Divas. A roadtrip to divadom…

Enough, more photos if i am not lazy later… Selamat Hari Raya Puasa.. whatever.. give me my money back..

p.s, how not to make your life not so complicated ah?


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