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Mission Accomplished.

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Finally, after 12 days of in camp training, its all over. i am glad that its over. but i m also sad that its over. human are strange creatures. everything also want. heh… singlish..

so, now, i am cleaning the house. like its hari raya tomorrow. my house looks like a submarine. blue walls, brown furniture. talk about colour co-ordination. brown, gold and blue just do not fit. anyhow to neutralise the house.. sigh.. spray white paint all over perhaps. i really need to bnring ym paretns around to ikea one day. see how houses should look like. anyways, i have a sort of friend, well anyways, he is an interior designer. so he just move in to his new house somewhere in the north area of godzone land, and his designed and decorate this house. pretty swanky i shold say. white, asian zen-ish. i prety envy his house actually. and then, when the day he revealed his house to his mom and dad, his mom refuses to enter the house. “looks like a christian house.. all white, got candles, no malay touch at all.” hah! i mean, what is the malay touch? lots of gold? like my house? lots of ornament? i mean, if they really want to go all baroque and stuffs, must go all out. no like half half, like, messy, like wrong. its just wrong. i can so predict a malay house easily from the stufs they have..

ok, stop bitchin. its still ramadan. for the next 5 hours that is. have a happy hari raya. whatever. hari raya is getting on my nerve. i am begining to hate it.

Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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