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93 Forward Combat Support Service Battalion. Armour Medical Company. Enough said. My very first In Camp Training. I was kind of looking forward. Would like to see any familiar faces who might have the same fate as me, but i was dissapointed. But then, i made new friends, networking, jokes, command and conquer. I just reach home. I had a 3 day 2 night out-field. 72 hours with bathing, brushing your teeth, sleeping the in “jungle”, got wet in the rain, burnt by the sun, sweat by the buckets and no change if clothes. Don’t even metioned about food. I was really stinky and sticky by th 65th hour. The weather changes rapidly. I was surprised myself that i did not fall sick. And, this friday, all will come to an end. And then, the reality starts again. Plan lesson, teach kids, design, whatever. In a way, i drag going to ICT but, there is this certain kind of fun, when you are around with people, they joke around, make fun of the situation we all are in, and appreciate each other’s company. It may be tiring, but when you see that everyone suffers and everyone does his part and help each other, it does make the mundane job worthwhile. I think i will miss my reservist’s mates after the ouut-processing this friday.

“Med coy angkat lagi tahun ni ke apa?”


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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