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You look at me and see this young man
Who lives inside the golden world
But do not believe that’s all there is to see
Cause you’ll never know the real me

He smiles through a thousand tears.
And harbours adolescent fears.
He dreams of all that he can never be,
While he wades in insecurity, and hides himself inside of me.

Don’t say he takes it all for granted!
I’m well aware of all I have.
Don’t think that I am disenchanted.
Please understand!!!

It seems as though I’ve always been…
Somebody outside looking in at me.
Here I am for all of them to bleed.
But they can’t take my heart from me.
And they can’t never bring me to my knees.
They’ll never know the real me.


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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